Monday, November 19, 2012

Super Mario Bros. Birthday

My big guy turned 4 last week and he is obsessed with Super Mario Bros. right now so here are pictures of the cake I made for him and his decorations. This is the 4th cake I've made for him and the 5th cake I've made overall. Every time I get gradually better and this time I used fondant for the first time! I got the Mario figurines from and used Wilton Sugar sheets for the rest of the decorations. I cut them out with either cookie cutters or an Exacto knife, all purchased from Hobby Lobby. The Mario party items were purchased on eBay as well as the moustache candy molds. Enjoy!

super mario brothers bros cake birthday 4 boy

The party table

mario birthday boy party cake

Favor boxes, centerpiece, and milk and dark chocolate moustaches.

super mario chocolate mustache

I got these adorable candles at Dollar Tree, they went perfect with the cake.

birthday cake mario boy party

The birthday boy checking out his cake!


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